May 28, 2016

DDI Re-Capture Cartridge

Following up on my DDI Telengard cartridge, I decided to build another of Dale's recreated PCB projects. The Jason Ranheim Capture Cartridge. Dubbed the DDI Re-Capture cart.

This time Dale had some extra boards available, so I ordered a couple from him. They're very nice quality boards. Ordered the remaining components on eBay and Mouser and a couple of weeks later, was firing up my iron and getting to work.

The build went pretty smoothly for me. The surface mount parts were a lot easier for me this time around. It's a bit more work than the CPR3 board, but still pretty easy for anyone good with a soldering iron.

I instantly ran into issues after plugging in the finished cartridge into my Commodore 128. I was getting some odd garbled graphics(instead of the Capture menu) after I'd press the capture button.

I tried the both the V1 and Capture II ROM images("CAPTURE C0 60" & "CAPTURE II EB DF")   and also two different D4364C-15L SRAM chips. No luck. :(

I don't own a Commodore 64, so Dale was nice enough to test my cartridge for me on his C64. Well, it worked for him! Haha. So... I guess to sum this post up. The DDI Re-Capture cartridge does not work on Commodore 128 computers.

It really wasn't too disappointing. I knew it was a possibility and it was still good experience for me building this cartridge. I learned a lot about stripping the load address' from the ROM files, using DirMaster and also a couple of HEX editors.

The Capture screen should have looked like this:

For anyone interested that own C64's, here is a link to the DDI Re-Capture page with ROM's, Gerber's and a parts list:

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