April 26, 2017

A new Speccy is coming! The "ZX Spectrum Next" is live on Kickstarter

The ZX Spectrum reborn: a new machine, fully compatible with the original computer, and packed with improvements and expansions.

That's right folks! A brand new ZX Spectrum called the "Next" is coming in early 2018. I would assume most people that are interested in this system are already aware of this project and the Kickstarter, but I'm excited to be getting one and thought I'd share the links to help promote this awesome new Speccy.

Keyboard/Case design by the legendary Rick Dickinson

The project goal was successfully funded in less than 48 hours(which is amazing and awesome!), so it's a go from this point forward. I have been keeping my eye on the project the past year and am very excited to see it coming along so nicely.

"And it also does extra good: part of all revenue generated by the project, in perpetuity, will go straight to the Royal National Institute of the Blind. We owe big thanks to the Amstrad / Sinclair brand holders who granted us the right to use their IP in exchange to this donation for one of the greatest charities around."

 I think that's great too! If you're interested, please check out the links and read up on this amazing new system.



Project Website
Facebook Group

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