AtariAge - This is an excellent Forum I visit frequently
Atari Mania
- The World's Finest Atari Database (it truly is!)

Atarimax - This guy makes awesome retro gaming peripherals!
Bally Alley - THE source for all things Bally Professional Arcade / Astrocade
Best Electronics - Specializing in Replacement Parts and Accessories for all Consumer based Atari Game Systems and Atari Computers
Best Online HTML Editor
- I use this all the time for website building
- Specializing in the ZX Spectrum and other Sinclair computers
- Vintage Game Consoles, Software, Kits & Parts
DDI Projects
- Electronics wizard, a great guy and the programmer of DDI Telengard!
Florida Arcade & Pinball Collectors
- A friendly chatroom and resource site
Hardcore Gaming 101
- Promoting the rich history of video game culture throughout the ages
- This is your one stop site with anything about everything regarding the popular Commodore 64 computer
Mouser Electronics -
Mouser Electronics is a catalog distributor of electronic components based in Mansfield, Texas, United States
Opcode Games - The Opcode Official Website is the home of the ColecoVision Super Game Module and games
OSH Park - PCB manufacturer located in the USA
- An online PETSCII editor with file input/output
- Trading website dedicated to retro & vintage computers and electronics such as Sinclair, Commodore & Amstrad
Sergey's Blog
- Sergey Kiselev's awesome project blog

Team Pixelboy
Devoted to the release of new ColecoVision games
The CRPG Addict
- A blog in which a dedicated addict plays through all PC computer role-playing games